Mixcloud Shows with Tracklists

I made this because I find it very hard to dig for new music when there is no real tracklist to come back to. Maybe somebody will find this useful too.

How to use this site

  1. Go to mixcloud.com and select a show you want to listen to.
  2. Replace "https://www.mixcloud.com" with "mixcloud.ourspace.ch" in your browser's address bar and hit the enter key.
  3. If a Mixcloud Player widget appears below, all good - you can press the play button and enjoy the show with a tracklist to come back to.
  4. Optionally skip to the end of the show in the widget to reveal the full tracklist beforehand.

If it doesn't work, let me know which show you tried.

change: https://www.mixcloud.com/maybeitsrose/pareidolia/
    to:     mixcloud.ourspace.ch/maybeitsrose/pareidolia/

Here's an example screenshot.

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